David's Organic Farm -Wales


Farm Walks

We have around 50 acres of woodland at Gwarmacwydd, and enjoy it very much, as you can find out for yourselves when you visit.  It is a joy and pleasure to go walking in the woods. The pictures can not do it justice, but will help wet your appetite  to visit and experience the real thing for yourself !

Begin in the garden, going up a slight hill, at the top you we see  a panoramic view of the surrounding fields - much of which is Gwarmacwydd

Wander down a picturesque grassy walkway which leads to the woods

Take a left turn, right into the heart of the woods.  Here the path leads you in amongst the trees. 
In May  these woods are full of bluebells, you may be able to see the slight blue tinge to this picture, as it was taken just as the bluebells were beginning to open.

See different plants and flowers, throughout the changing seasons.  Foxgloves and Primroses.

This pathway is especially beautiful during spring time, when the hedgerows are an abundance of colour.

On your left you have the woods

And on your right you have the peaceful flowing river Taf

you may find that you have a friends following you on your walk.